Friday, 19 April 2019


PASSION is what you like TO DO with NO EXTERNAL PUSH

Passion leads you into your purpose
Passion discovers your purpose
Passion drives your purpose
Passion builds your purpose

Many of you have given up on your passion or compromised on your passion

Passion is like a fuel to your life called vehicle

Your vehicle can't move without fuel
Your life can't move without passion

How to find out what is my passion

Simple tips

1. Write down what you like to do and what you hate to do

2. Ask your friends or family members what are you good at

3. Personal observation -
Match your list with your friends / family members list - if it matches

4. Start practicing your passion

5. If you feel a great inexpressible joy

Hurray ..
You found your passion

Note - Your passion will always transform your life and that transformation is noticed by our friends and family members

Never compromise your passion

So what is stopping you

Stop reading the blog .....go away ....


Bye for now

UR life coach Joseph

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