Sunday, 21 April 2019


A ROUTINE HABIT practised everyday will rise your potential of success

Every successful person has a ROUTINE HABIT

Every addict person has a ROUTINE HABIT

Your ROUTINE HABIT defines the RESULTS of your life

Your ROUTINE HABIT defines the SUCCESS of your life

Let us analyse what are the ROUTINE HABITS we do

Wait ...wait ... wait -

I Am not talking about your morning habits of brushing , bathing etc..,

Step 1 - observe every day morning what are the things that you do everyday

Step 2 - list out the things that you observed

Step 3 - try a new habit - which will benefit Your health
Your  job
Your marriage
Your family
Your vision
Your career

Step 4 - public display chart - write your ROUTINE HABIT and stick In a place where others can see

Start one habit at a time

Never forget the GOLDEN RULE of accountability

Keep a accountability partner

Either your friend , wife ,

Ask a friend to counter check and question you about your ROUTINE HABIT

Uhuuuuuu ....don't waste your time here ....

Start your new habit now


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